Red Sqirl
Red Sqirl is a web-based big data application that simplifies the analysis of large data sets. With Red Sqirl, you can quickly access the power of the Hadoop eco-system, enhancing the productivity of data scientists and analysts.

You can download Red Sqirl for free and have it up and running on your environment within an hour - find out how here!

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What can Red Sqirl do?

Hadoop Ecosystem
Red Sqirl analyzes massive amounts of data rapidly and cost-effectively. An open platform that users can extend, which simplifies the Hadoop ecosystem (Hadoop, Hive, Pig, HBase, Oozie, etc), so you don't have to master each of those underlying technologies. For RedSqirl on the cloud contact us

How Does RED SQIRL do it?

Red Sqirl
Red Sqirl accesses your data through third-party processing and storage engines and organises them into packages. For example, the Red Sqirl Pig package gives you access to Apache Pig.

Red Sqirl also classifies a reusable piece of analyses into models. For example, a generic way to produce a churn prediction score can be stored in a model in order to make it reusable.

Check our marketplace to see what you can already download.

Next Steps

Hadoop Ecosystem
Screenshots: You can see screenshots of Red Sqirl here, giving you an understanding of the look and feel of the product.

Download: Red Sqirl is free and you can download here.

Getting Started: Red Sqirl can be installed easily on top of a Hadoop cluster. Please follow our Getting started guide.

User Tutorial: After you have Red Sqirl successfully installed, please look here for a short tutorial video and here to find the written user tutorials.

Creating a package: If you want to create a package, you can find more information here